Who are we?

We are more than just a clothing brand were an ideal a movement. Inspired by the gladiators of the Colosseum and the young athletes working towards their goals in pursuit of freedom through success. The brand was originally “for coin and glory” like a war cry before gladiators laid their lives on the line for freedom at the Colosseum, which later became FGLORY.

Inspiration from the gladiators pursuit are also found in the design of our coin logo, showing the face of Jupiter inscribed with the words “Dominous Providebit” (Dominus Proidebit; Latin for the lord will provide). We added the letter ‘o’ in the spelling of the word Dominous, as a play on the Latin word Dominus (the lord) it holds a different meaning to us. Rather than servitude to a master it stands for serving others through example, creating a domino effect of awakening for we are the lords of our world, Domino-Us!

When we are the Lords of our own world, then we can truly be free!!

~ Live 3

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